SAP Business One – Trading & Distribution ERP/ Warehouse Management System

SAP Business One offers best in class ERP for Trading & Distribution businesses. By integrating real time warehouse management system with daily procurement and sales activities, SAP Business One helps to control operational cost by optimising warehousing space and also maximising container load during transportation. Traders and distributors may then maximise daily sales volume and enjoy higher rebates and trade promotion benefits by principals to improve underlying profitability. Sales employees on-the-go are also equipped with ready mobile or eb applications to enable them to serve your customers quickly and efficiently. As Industrialisation 4,0 eventually matures, SAP Business One also comes with solid integration framework to support hyperconnectivity and Smart Warehouse management. Integrations with barcoding or RFID systems, B2B platforms, mobile or web applications, e-Commerce and etc are made possible via the SAP Business One integration framework.