SAP Business One – Manufacturing ERP

SAP Business One serves as an ERP for manufacturing integrating all production, inventory, sales, purchasing and financial transactions into a single digital platform. SAP Business One allows manufacturers to monitor the entire customer value chain right from the placement of orders, procurement of supplies into warehouse receiving, production planning, work in progress, and finally delivery of finished goods to end customers. With real time data from all warehouses balances, supply & demand levels, manufacturers can plan their production activities efficiently and timely using SAP Business One. Moving towards Industrialisation 4,0, SAP Business One also comes readily equipped with solid integration framework that allows hyperconnectivity to various third party devices or systems. These connectivity with machine or vehicle sensors, barcoding or RFID systems, 3rd party MES, B2B or B2C portals, e-Commerce, online payment platforms, mobile applications & etc will further enhance SAP Business One into a powerful Data Warehouse, thus providing valuable insights into proactive factory management and business decision makings.